Tuesday, November 2

15 Mins Later...

15 Minutes 2 11 - The long awaited beat tape by Prof. X (me) has now dropped. The beat tape was done under the course of a week and features 12 by Prof. X, a skit by Prof. X and two recorded tracks performed by Maya, Atmos & Poet-X - all produced by Prof. X too. A total of 15 tracks before the big adventure following,.,. which will be....

Planet XI. Joint forces between Prof. X & One (the up and coming age of music! of VENT). But more on that at a later stage. For now, get yours:


Saturday, October 9


Yes, I did promise downloads... And I know this isn't something new - me posting my own work - but the page that hosts the material. It still needs to be updated, however, a few songs from The Write Bros' (O'be & I) mixtape - The Air Show - have been uploaded. The picture alongside this entry is the official Air Show Mixtape cover. We will continuously upload more tracks until the whole mixtape is up. For now, HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY TO JOHN LENNON! and, hello to The Write Bros:


Sunday, October 3

Words Of Wisdom

"The heart does not think in a logical manner" X.

Friday, September 24

I'm Sorry!

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…” spoken in the witty words of Rakim.

I don’t think I need to explain myself this time around. Okay, maybe a little… But you KNOW where I’ve been, well, for the most part. If you don’t, “stop being ignant man”! Actually, even the most ignorant people couldn’t have turned a blind eye to this.


I wish I could have provided every detail of every game. Every tackle, every skillful move, every sharp play, every swift maneuver in anguish to escape hard D (efense), and every defensive display showcased to prevent that dodgy “Jabulani” from cradling in the net. However, this is something had to experience firsthand…or…in a living room, behind a TV, like me. Who were the World Cup Winners? Spain. Their first ever World Cup win might I add. In my failed effort to provide you with every detail, I will make up for it by other means of course. Am I just not the greatest? :-)

Moving right along…

We do have new additions to the blog. Some things that I have thought about and feel I should try my luck at:

1. Review Of The Month – Either two albums, two movies or maybe one of each.
2. Whiz – A question, quiz, brainteaser or just something to think on. We do need to keep active minds after all, and
3. Downloads – Yes, I know, these already exist but, I’m talking on a broader platform. This will not be so regular, neither will it be illegal (to my knowledge at least). This might come as software, games, videos, music OR a LINK to a website that I might not trust.

Till then, goodnight my fellow readers. I do forward sincere apologies, once again.


Wednesday, August 11

"Green Goblin?! (Pshhh, I'm Spiderman)"

I know... I'll be back... For the moment, here's a snippet of a project that my partner and I are working on...

Fcuk Green Goblin (Spiderman): http://www.mediafire.com/?jmdzz8nsne140qz

Enjoy. X.

Sunday, May 9

Words of Wisdom

"Everyone in life is less mysterious than they think they are." Galaletsang Molefe


Saturday, May 8

The Lady In The Picture

I want you to sketch our hearts,

And keep it in your books of art, I think we're that complex.

And, picture two hands, mine and yours,

And, tear away any pages that would settle divorce.

Paint our future, colour it right...

At this moment you are the finest art in my life,

My Mona Lisa.


Thursday, April 29

I Want This Forever Too!

So... I'm back! lol. Okay, let me stop acting silly and pompous. I recently recorded a track over the star-studded "Forever" instrumental - originally done by Drake, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem - which was recorded by Lex and engineered by myself. I hope it's breathe of fresh air to eer1 (everyone). Enjoy:


More tracks to come.


Saturday, April 24

"20th Anniversary of the Hubble Telescope by NASA" & Mr "Yours Truly" is back in AKshun! LoL.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope launch by NASA. The Hubble Telescope is a telescope that orbits our planet, Earth. Due to its positioning, it is able to distort and block the light that reaches our planet, giving it the view of the universe - which surpasses that of ground-based telescopes. I present to you, the HubbleSite:


Well, Mr "Yours Truly", will be back soon. I'm still in the process of making music.


Thursday, April 8

Words of Wisdom

"Love knows no Math." X.