Wednesday, November 25

St Alban's College!

My form of patriotism! South Africa - I could stand for my country but I don't think I could stand for it like I stand for my school.

I rejoice for 5 years of growth, but at the same time I put on a sad face so as to display exactly how I feel about this school. Like our head boy said this year, it's not the buildings but the people... You could take away the buildings, the soil, the fields.....blah, blah, blah..... (you get my point) AND it will still keep it's essence.

I won't go on about this any longer. What I can hope for now is that it keeps on like this and that, hopefully, this song is the closest thing to summing up what we have here. Enjoy it! I know you will. Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Alec Brits and myself (Prof. X). Once again, enjoy it:

Saturday, November 21

3 A.M and..... Melvin van Os (Don't Sleep on Him)

Yeah, I've been up since 3 am. Ask me why. I just happen to wake up in the middle of my sleep and everytime it happens, it's around 2 or 3 am. Damn Biological alarm clock!

Anyways, it's been a couple of days, a bit miserable - I officially finished school on Wednesday, with a not-so-hard Chemistry paper. I AM DONE WITH HIGHSCHOOL... Goodbye St Alban's College! Will miss you though... And while I'm on this topic, I'll be posting up a tribute song we (a band), did for our school, specifically our matric group.

ANYWAYS... Lol... Melvin van Os... Do not dare sleep on this musical gift. I've been in studio with him before, still have more work to do with him and it will be dope, I guarantee it. Will post it up when it's done. For now, here's a cover track he did a while back. John Legend's "Used To Love You":


Tuesday, November 17

NIA (Natives In Action)

Introduction? Well, why not...
"NIA(Natives In Action) is a coming together of mc's, graffiti artist, dj's, producers, animation and musicians to express the movement of Hip-Hop in SA founding city Cape Town!!! Kapi-Ton, TMO, Cue-Dubz, Supreme1, Loyd, T4..."

That's the description on their Facebook page (

Kapi-Ton (the dude with his own solo photo) being my mentor, I had to push their movement. Plus their music is fresh. He (Kapi-Ton) used to go by the name Spoken Word so don't e surprised if I refer to him as that and not Kapi-Ton.

Now, as I always do... Some music. I have not yet asked for their permission to do so, but their music is free therefore I don't think they'll mind. And if they do mind, I'll remove the joints.

Their music video

Some freestyles


Sunday, November 15

"Some Cool Space Pictures"

I know I was suppose to upload these yesterday but, there was a swarm of bees by the computer - not sweet. Anyways, they here now:


Saturday, November 14

Water On The Moon! Confirmed! By NASA!

I'm no scientist, we all know that. But, I have a disgusting love, which eeks me, for systems, how "stuff" works and the potential of discovery. It's quite filling to know what surrounds you and how it exists.

However, I will not speak on topics with such vast volumes of information, I'll just point you to who we deem as experts of this nature: NASA! HAHA (Evil genius laugh)!...

I'll upload some cool space pictures a bit later.


Friday, November 13

Friday The 13th...

Afternoon fellow Academics...

Supersticious? Friday the 13th... Does it pose any threat to you?

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia (yeah, however the hell you pronounce that). This supersticion of the day being of good or bad luck does not date so far back as the dinosaur age, but, sometime in the recent past.

The are a whole bunch of theories based around this idea one of which is:
"Thirteen is especially unlucky terms of dinner parties, referring back to the Last Supper or the Norse feast: it is believed that one of the thirteen diners will die within a year. But the fear exists in every occurrence of the number. Throughout the western world people can still be found numbering their houses '12 1/2,' to avoid living in number 13. The state lotteries of France, Italy, and elsewhere never sell tickets with that number. Hotels and hospitals, and similar institutions, often have no room numbered thirteen; and many big hotels, like the new Cavendish Hotel completed in London in 1966, also have no thirteenth floor. Fear is also aroused if the thirteenth of the month falls on a Friday--in itself a notoriously unlucky day, largely by association with Good Friday.
Last Supper, Good Friday...yup, got all the elements. But what’s this about a Norse feast? Is that pre-Christian? Better look some more. Hmmmm, what’s this, then"

Okay, maybe not... That was more of one of the beliefs based on the number 13 and Friday.

COOL FACT: Every month that begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th and this can only occur up to 3 times a year...

Anyways, I would have loved to post a scary song, maybe something along the lines of today but, this has nothing to do with bad luck and such:

Run This Town (DJ Smokes OnLy 4 The BesT remiX) :

And something to keep all y'all stressing supersticious people on a feel go0d tip for the rest of the day:

So Good ft. Lex (Prod. By Prof. X of The Academy) :


Monday, November 9

Swag... Whatever happend to Style?

One thing that is fast growing is the use of the word SWAG, and it's constant abuse... Nowadays, the word can be used for whatever... Peep this:

"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Look up swag or SWAG in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Swag may refer to:
Swag (album), a 2002 rock album
Swag (bedroll), an Australian waterproof bedroll
SWAG (military unit), an elite unit of the Philippine Navy
Swag (motif), an architectural element
Swag (novel), a 1976 crime novel
SWAG (TV series), a United Kingdom reality television series
"Swag" (Ugly Betty episode), the eleventh episode of the television series Ugly Betty
Swag a slang term for Cocaine.
Swag, a California-based rapper signed to Warner Music Group. - [A flippin' rapper calls themselves this?!?]
Swag a slang term for free promotional items from companies/music groups/etc."

Okay... Now that we've established that, how in the heavens did it come about to mean style or one's appearance?!?

In today's time - youth - swag or swagger, means one's appearance, style or the way you carry yourself. Swag is as important as brushing your teeth. It is fast becoming an overused word per say... Like, some folk, I dread how people replaced the word style. What was wrong with it? I mean, it even had a facelift to "steez"... Swag?!? Who the hell coined the term anyway?

"My swagger is Mick Jagger" - could it have been him? Mick Jagger?

Though, it is a catchy word and very use-able (My English teacher doesn't read my blog), it has, in some cases, caused deterioration to a society. Music. The excuse for a half-assed musician nowadays is, "ah, well, atleast he's got swag". My ass.

Either way, I can't hate on the word. Whether you're for it or against it, we all seemed to have hitched the ride at some point. So have I. And here's an example and memory of myself and a fellow rapper/producer/b.e.etmaker doing so. Here's some swag from The Academy, lol:

Swagger Jockin' (Jockin' Jay-Z Cover) by Ob1one & Poet-X:


Saturday, November 7

Myself and a fellow b.e.etmaker (pronounced be-e-eat.maker), Chief Cook.

Friday, November 6

Thank God It's Friday!

So, I walk into my Science paper today and it's all good... Did a coupl'a hours of it, plus I was up this morning from 00:00 to finish off... Now, I open to the first page AND... MY WORD!

I'm just glad I'm done.

On other news, Thank God It's Friday! Got a new instalment for the blog, pretty cool... Like I always do, I willing be posting a track but this time the track has nothing to do with me. One of Pretoria's finest young DJs, whose (hope that's the right who's, lol.) hustle I admire, and work I dig, has granted me permission to drop his links over here... DJ Smokes graces us with some of his mixXxez (X-rated):

Sexy Bitch (SmOco GoN LoCo) -

One More Time (DJ Smokes Celebrates The Hustle Remix) -

Best I Ever Had DJ Smokes (HOT Remix 4 All the Ladies) -

Andif you like, which I'm sure you will, his Facebook group -

More to come...


Wednesday, November 4

DANGER!!! Mouse on the loose!

Danger Mouse: Produced by I, spat on by Atmos The Fearless.... BUMP!

Post a comment or two and let me, or him, know what you think...

And while you're at it, check out his blog (do so with patience - it's pretty new, and he's a busy character):


Tuesday, November 3

First of the Month...

Good morning world... Good mourning haters...

First post of the month, first post of this diary. Life's good at the moment, it always is. People tend to sulk and act angry at the world when in actual fact they can choose to be happy.

Happiness or rather, feelings are a matter of choice too. We choose to be happy. We choose to be sad. Situations that play out don't make us happy or sad, or whatever feeling we feel at that time. Feelings are just the way we choose to react to those situations.

Therefore, I post a challenge here (no pun intended), let the world choose to be happy... Let your world be a happy one, atleast. X.

I leave a dope track here. "Lovers In A Music Room" by yours truly & Maya April (who now resides in Tanzania). Enjoy!