Tuesday, November 3

First of the Month...

Good morning world... Good mourning haters...

First post of the month, first post of this diary. Life's good at the moment, it always is. People tend to sulk and act angry at the world when in actual fact they can choose to be happy.

Happiness or rather, feelings are a matter of choice too. We choose to be happy. We choose to be sad. Situations that play out don't make us happy or sad, or whatever feeling we feel at that time. Feelings are just the way we choose to react to those situations.

Therefore, I post a challenge here (no pun intended), let the world choose to be happy... Let your world be a happy one, atleast. X.

I leave a dope track here. "Lovers In A Music Room" by yours truly & Maya April (who now resides in Tanzania). Enjoy!



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