Monday, November 9

Swag... Whatever happend to Style?

One thing that is fast growing is the use of the word SWAG, and it's constant abuse... Nowadays, the word can be used for whatever... Peep this:

"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Swag may refer to:
Swag (album), a 2002 rock album
Swag (bedroll), an Australian waterproof bedroll
SWAG (military unit), an elite unit of the Philippine Navy
Swag (motif), an architectural element
Swag (novel), a 1976 crime novel
SWAG (TV series), a United Kingdom reality television series
"Swag" (Ugly Betty episode), the eleventh episode of the television series Ugly Betty
Swag a slang term for Cocaine.
Swag, a California-based rapper signed to Warner Music Group. - [A flippin' rapper calls themselves this?!?]
Swag a slang term for free promotional items from companies/music groups/etc."

Okay... Now that we've established that, how in the heavens did it come about to mean style or one's appearance?!?

In today's time - youth - swag or swagger, means one's appearance, style or the way you carry yourself. Swag is as important as brushing your teeth. It is fast becoming an overused word per say... Like, some folk, I dread how people replaced the word style. What was wrong with it? I mean, it even had a facelift to "steez"... Swag?!? Who the hell coined the term anyway?

"My swagger is Mick Jagger" - could it have been him? Mick Jagger?

Though, it is a catchy word and very use-able (My English teacher doesn't read my blog), it has, in some cases, caused deterioration to a society. Music. The excuse for a half-assed musician nowadays is, "ah, well, atleast he's got swag". My ass.

Either way, I can't hate on the word. Whether you're for it or against it, we all seemed to have hitched the ride at some point. So have I. And here's an example and memory of myself and a fellow rapper/producer/b.e.etmaker doing so. Here's some swag from The Academy, lol:

Swagger Jockin' (Jockin' Jay-Z Cover) by Ob1one & Poet-X:


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