Friday, November 13

Friday The 13th...

Afternoon fellow Academics...

Supersticious? Friday the 13th... Does it pose any threat to you?

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia (yeah, however the hell you pronounce that). This supersticion of the day being of good or bad luck does not date so far back as the dinosaur age, but, sometime in the recent past.

The are a whole bunch of theories based around this idea one of which is:
"Thirteen is especially unlucky terms of dinner parties, referring back to the Last Supper or the Norse feast: it is believed that one of the thirteen diners will die within a year. But the fear exists in every occurrence of the number. Throughout the western world people can still be found numbering their houses '12 1/2,' to avoid living in number 13. The state lotteries of France, Italy, and elsewhere never sell tickets with that number. Hotels and hospitals, and similar institutions, often have no room numbered thirteen; and many big hotels, like the new Cavendish Hotel completed in London in 1966, also have no thirteenth floor. Fear is also aroused if the thirteenth of the month falls on a Friday--in itself a notoriously unlucky day, largely by association with Good Friday.
Last Supper, Good Friday...yup, got all the elements. But what’s this about a Norse feast? Is that pre-Christian? Better look some more. Hmmmm, what’s this, then"

Okay, maybe not... That was more of one of the beliefs based on the number 13 and Friday.

COOL FACT: Every month that begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th and this can only occur up to 3 times a year...

Anyways, I would have loved to post a scary song, maybe something along the lines of today but, this has nothing to do with bad luck and such:

Run This Town (DJ Smokes OnLy 4 The BesT remiX) :

And something to keep all y'all stressing supersticious people on a feel go0d tip for the rest of the day:

So Good ft. Lex (Prod. By Prof. X of The Academy) :


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