Tuesday, November 17

NIA (Natives In Action)

Introduction? Well, why not...
"NIA(Natives In Action) is a coming together of mc's, graffiti artist, dj's, producers, animation and musicians to express the movement of Hip-Hop in SA founding city Cape Town!!! Kapi-Ton, TMO, Cue-Dubz, Supreme1, Loyd, T4..."

That's the description on their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/posted.php?id=73610722207#/pages/NIA/73610722207).

Kapi-Ton (the dude with his own solo photo) being my mentor, I had to push their movement. Plus their music is fresh. He (Kapi-Ton) used to go by the name Spoken Word so don't e surprised if I refer to him as that and not Kapi-Ton.

Now, as I always do... Some music. I have not yet asked for their permission to do so, but their music is free therefore I don't think they'll mind. And if they do mind, I'll remove the joints.

Their music video

Some freestyles


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