Wednesday, November 25

St Alban's College!

My form of patriotism! South Africa - I could stand for my country but I don't think I could stand for it like I stand for my school.

I rejoice for 5 years of growth, but at the same time I put on a sad face so as to display exactly how I feel about this school. Like our head boy said this year, it's not the buildings but the people... You could take away the buildings, the soil, the fields.....blah, blah, blah..... (you get my point) AND it will still keep it's essence.

I won't go on about this any longer. What I can hope for now is that it keeps on like this and that, hopefully, this song is the closest thing to summing up what we have here. Enjoy it! I know you will. Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Alec Brits and myself (Prof. X). Once again, enjoy it:

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