Saturday, February 20

More Music!!! There's More Fire If You Follow The Smoke...

Back again, with more Fiyah! DJ Smokes

Say Something (DJ Smokes Knock You Down rmx ft Drake):

4 the Lovers (Valentines mix):

Ya, I know, I'm a bit late with the love thing... Blame me, I'm single, kinda, haha!

For more on DJ Smokes (bookings, music, mo' fiyah), remember to follow him on his Facebook group, at:!/group.php?gid=40999066248


Words of Wisdom

"If you wish to save money, pay attention (to detail)". X.

This is a Public Service Announcement!

As you have probably noticed, I have only updated OUR blog once in a while (in recent times) - this is due to my relocation. I sincerely apologize if you're disappointed. What I would suggest is that you check out the news on my side tab (daily - if you so please), to the right of your screen.

I will continue to post up "Words of Wisdom" as often as possible if my brain allows. And as soon as I figure out a way of connecting more often, OUR blog will run as smooth as we started off.

Now, back to your regular programming.