Friday, November 6

Thank God It's Friday!

So, I walk into my Science paper today and it's all good... Did a coupl'a hours of it, plus I was up this morning from 00:00 to finish off... Now, I open to the first page AND... MY WORD!

I'm just glad I'm done.

On other news, Thank God It's Friday! Got a new instalment for the blog, pretty cool... Like I always do, I willing be posting a track but this time the track has nothing to do with me. One of Pretoria's finest young DJs, whose (hope that's the right who's, lol.) hustle I admire, and work I dig, has granted me permission to drop his links over here... DJ Smokes graces us with some of his mixXxez (X-rated):

Sexy Bitch (SmOco GoN LoCo) -

One More Time (DJ Smokes Celebrates The Hustle Remix) -

Best I Ever Had DJ Smokes (HOT Remix 4 All the Ladies) -

Andif you like, which I'm sure you will, his Facebook group -

More to come...


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