Thursday, December 17

"This Is A Global Warning!" [Reconcile with nature]

Yesterday South Africans celebrated a day of reconciliation. Who or what each soul reconciled with is a mystery to me, but, Oxfam & I are asking you to reconcile with nature. Show her you care.

Oxfam are doing their bit by promoting awareness through a very dope musical piece. Which can be downloaded right here:

While you're at it, check out the rest of the site - fresh. Maya (in the 2nd picture), who was my better half on the song Lovers In A Music Room, graces the song with her strong poetic presence.

And me? What am I doing to reconcile with nature? I'm sending this message out to you! Be conscious of what is happening around you and act on what's not healthy.

For more Oxfam, join their Facebook page and do your part in reconciling with nature:

And I'm not just talking to South Africans, YOU TOO!!!


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  1. this site is SMASHING!!! BIG UPS TO THE ACADEMY
    lovvvvvvve de grAPHIX TUMZA ;)

    Miss Maya_