Friday, January 15

Hello, Hi!!!

It's been a while, almost a whole month... Well, I've had my days and issues but we all have - and in these times, remember to make the choice to be and stay happy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And a Merry belated Christmas to all those who celebrate such festivity - God is good)

Congratulations to all (South African) matriculants who have made it into their chosen courses, and to those who didn't make it, education is (a) key... So key that you should learn from this experience and let it make you a stronger person. It is not the end of the road, but an experience.


I recently discovered something cool that has been a problem for many, including myself...

"The idea of liking someone"

See, this is a simple concept. What might be the problem for many people who "tend to like" a lot of people (of the opposite sex) at the same time is that... They actually fall in love with the idea of liking a person and their minds begin to believe that they actually do like the person - which in many cases misleads us into unwanted relationships. So in future, avoid such.

Just food for thought.

Resolutions??? Create positive change (pun intended - actually adding some 'change' to my pockets).

Aintgotnothin family ( back again with a video this time. Do check it out:


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